Science Fiction Romance

Haasji Settlement Brides Series

The Alien Chief’s Bargained Bride

Mallory Delour would do anything for her little sister Stephanie. But with a genetic disease eating away at her sister’s body Mallory is left with only two options.
She could go into crippling medical debt to delay the inevitable or become an alien’s bride with the assurance that Stephanie would receive life-altering gene therapy.
For Mallory the choice was easy….
But for Alek’dar it wasn’t.
When the humans approached him, he’d been wary. But, by taking them up on their offer he could kill two birds with one stone—a bride for him and an alliance with the humans.
Happiness hadn’t been factored into their decision but that doesn’t necessarily mean they can’t find it.
Unless someone or something stands in their way.
This is the first book in the Haasji Settlement Brides Series. There is no cliffhanger, no cheating and a guaranteed HEA.

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The Exiled Alien’s Unlikely Bride

Her sister had married an alien. It hadn’t even truly registered with Stephanie Delour that Mallory was gone until she found herself standing in front of their old home locked out.
She knew that Mallory had scrimped and saved where she could. But with the discovery that her sister had resorted to selling herself to an alien for enough credits for the treatment, she pushed herself through recovery.
Running off with the money wasn’t an option.
So, Stephanie decided to find her sister to, well, she wasn’t entirely sure what she was going to do. She just knew that a life amongst the stars wasn’t as appealing as it used to be. Not with Mallory’s fate looming over her head. Not without Mallory by her side.
Qui’da had come to regret not giving his sister-in-law a chance all because she was a human. And now the entire flock, his family included, had turned their backs on him. Given the option to either lose his wings or work with the humans, he chose the latter.
Losing his wings wasn’t an option.
But forced into close proximity with the wingless rats wasn’t much of one either. Unfortunately for him, he would be finding himself forced to work rather closely with an infuriating woman traipsing across the planet to find his old flock.

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Paranormal Romance

Supernatural Society Series

Undercover Secretary

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An undercover agent shouldn’t fall for her werewolf “boss”, no matter how hot he is.

Penelope Hughes was doubling as the secretary for the CEO and an undercover operative for The Agency—the police equivalent of the supernatural world. But here she was, stuck babysitting Vincent Abbot-Seif—a business savvy extraordinaire.

She was determined to put any speck of attraction she felt for the man behind her. He was her boss and Penelope had an assignment to complete. She didn’t need the distraction or unprofessionalism hindering her.

A CEO who mixed business with pleasure.

Vincent had stepped into his mother’s role as CEO after she’d resigned. It wasn’t a position he had ever intended on taking, but his mother had forced his hand. It wasn’t like the vacancy to go to just anyone—not when the pack was so intertwined with the company. It had to be him—the sole heir of the Abbott bloodline and now Alpha of the third largest pack in the country.

At least he had his beautiful fire-wielding secretary to take his mind off of his cheating ex and the stress that comes with being the face of a multi-billion dollar company.

With a murder that rocks the entirety of the company and her secret revealed, Penelope and Vincent must move past the hurt and come together to discover the identity of the one pulling the strings before it’s too late.

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